Galaxy Glow-up: A Review of Samsung Galaxy Note 9

Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Review

Latest reports on Samsung’s promotional tweet on Galaxy Note 9 via another handset are unfortunately clouding the smartphone’s powerful capacity and beautiful design. The latest premiere offering from the tech pioneer has much to offer. It has significantly fortified it’s Snapdragon 845 with a 6GB RAM while providing a basic storage of 128GB. Those who need more GBs can even avail a unit with more memory at 8GB RAM, and an incredible storage of 512GB. highlights another convenient feature of Samsung Galaxy Note 9 in its S Pen stylus. Bluetooth enables it to function as a remote control that encourages fun customization. Users can now capture long-distance selfies.

Note 9 packs a lot of power with its processor, its 4,000-mAh battery and a 6.4-inch screen. This means all-day usage on just one batt charge in the morning. No one ever needs to be selective on downloading apps and files again. It has additional built-in features like a 1TB-microSD card, stereo speakers (a first for the Note model) on top of it. The stunning Infinity Display Superb cam remarkably adjusts in dim light. Note 9 can only yield reinforcing updates, crystal clear selfies, and such. As notes, it’s “an everything phone” that can adequately tide over Android fans for a couple of years.

Reviews agree the phone is one of the best releases in 2018, especially as a camera phone. It particularly provides a huge relief to those who are still on 2GB RAM. Android users in search of the best in the flagship now have an advanced point of reference. The absurdly large storage capacity in itself should be enough of a wow factor.

But since it costs quite a pretty penny, potential users are often advised to hold off purchasing Note 9 if they can afford to wait for cheaper, comparable models that promise even more high-tech features. As the dust settles from the excitement of its dynamic upgrade, users realize Samsung hasn’t even delivered on the promise of the fabled in-screen fingerprint reader, as anticipated by many. It doesn’t offer HDR video recording.

Note 9 starts to feel like a sneak peek into the upcoming S10. It’s possible Samsung is preparing even more substantial upgrades. It has yet to step into the careening speed of a 5G data future. In the tech world, however, constant innovation is key to sustainable rule. The firm is historically known for boldly taking giant leaps. With a lot of budget phones from China taking over emerging markets, now is not the time to regress into other brands’ habits of incremental development. The most fickle and fastidious smartphone users are looking for the bigger, better deal on a daily basis. The 2019 iPhones alone are due to arrive with enticing new plans.

Perhaps the decisive factor boils down to aesthetics. Some reviewers like are quick to point out it’s likely the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 will be the last model of this design. S10 is set to debut a fresh new look this coming first quarter 2019. The unit is ideal for loyal users who appreciate the current design and aren’t on the lookout for a new design beyond the polished version that Note 9 provides. Its blue and purple models are particularly striking, but Samsung’s classic jet-black, metallic sheen might prove more appealing to longtime users.

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